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Privacy Notice

We,, are committed to protecting your privacy. While shopping and are used, to affiliates of, you agree to the processing of personal data, applicable to various purposes, as described below.

Data protection
We will collect all kinds of information to meet your order and keep the details of registered users in our website. We may give your products, such as our courier company or supplier, to you by giving your name, address and contact information to a third party. We may also share your information with our franchisees. It also authorizes the use of this information to sell the product to you, directly or indirectly to the distributor. However, we do not lease or sell your name, address, e-mail address, credit card, or personal information to third parties without legal or legal obligation or litigation unless such circumstance occurs, the law provides on the client .

You agree to provide us with personal information that is used to satisfy our commitment to provide you with the services you desire to collect data. This will include the status of delivery of goods, telephone / e-mail orders, delivery of information such as notification of new services or marketing programs. We will use this information to contact you in the event of delivery of the item. We may also use your data to manage the site, collect payments, use the follow-up sections of the site, find no fraud or abuse, give your website or related product information, if you have any questions. You can pay through this website operating company payment gateway security.

We will keep the data only for carrying out our business, or as long as our requirements take time.

We can share non-individual stats with individual statistical data, or collectively with our marketing partners, advertisers or other research purposes and third-party ads. In other words, we will not give you specific product information, but we can tell them how many customers buy products and services. If you purchase our store or subscribe to one of our newsletters via e-mail products and our website or feature updater, there are special new arrivals from time to time. If you participate in one of our contests or more, we may also contact you.

Tips can help you protect your online privacy

Do not give your password to anyone online. Do not let your billing information, as well as promote the purchase. Make a password length of at least six characters. Create a combination of numbers and letters. If you fall in love with online scams and give the password, you should change your password immediately. You can access the "My Account" and change the user information to do this. Once completed, via, do not leave the site open. The only way out of the site is to close the window.

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